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An advanced 2DA editor with some TLK editing support. Features:
  • Tabbed mode for convenient switching between several opened 2DAs.
  • A split view between a grid editor and a "property grid" editor for those long-spanning 2DA files.
  • Row number and label columns "frozen" (always visible during horizontal scrolling), so that you don't get lost.
  • Multi-cell selection and copy/paste between 2DA files, and from and to Excel (and any other application that supports Excel-compatible CSV-formatted data on the clipboard)
  • Advanced filtering with SQL-like language featuring multi-field filtering, all standard comparison operators and LIKE pattern matching, boolean operators, and string functions.
  • Drop-down pickers for common field values, 2DA cross-references, TLK StrRefs, and hexadecimal bitflags. 2DA and TLK pickers have built-in search/filtering capability for quick lookup.
  • All pickers use extensible 2DA schemas written in XML, with a number of common schemas already provided. Describe your own custom 2DAs easily, and edit them conveniently!
  • Free / Open Source Software under LGPL v2.1

Requires .NET Framework 3.5.

You can also have a look at a screenshot to see what it's like.

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